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John B. Holbrook, II (JBHII) is a life-long watch enthusiast, freelance writer & photographer, and web page designer/owner.   His watch related articles have been published in nearly every major magazine which covers the luxury wrist watch industry in the US including:

  • International Watch (IW)
  • Chronos
  • InSync
  • Watch & Jewelry Review
  • HR: Watches
  • Revolution

Outside of the watch industry, he’s also  had articles published in:

  • Digital Photo Pro
  • Pro Digital Imaging Magazine
  • Caviar Affair
  • Roundel (Official Magazine of the BMW Car Club of America)
  • Private Air

He’s the creator & owner of THE ROLEX REFERENCE PAGE and WATCH TALK FORUMS . He also moderates the English speaking Rolex discussion forum on the German Rolex Forum R-L-X. is John’s newest online adventure.

John is a card-carrying member of CANON PROFESSIONAL SERVICES and only shoots professionally with Canon equipment.  Currently he uses the Canon 7D in the watch studio, and recently started using the Canon 5D Mark II on travel assignments, both of which are used with various Canon L series lenses.  John is also a card-carrying member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

John is a devoted husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ. He attends weekly services at Southbrook Christian Church and sometimes leads a weekly Bible Study. Would you like to learn more about becoming a Christian? Click HERE to read how! You can always email John if you’d like to know more about Christ!

When John isn’t doing all of the above or traveling around the world in search of his next great story or watch, he enjoys home theater, cars, video games (Xbox! Wii!) and of course spending time with his wife Karen, his son John, III, and this three dogs Caesar (Rottweiler), Hans, and Lady (Labs).

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