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2011 Spring Landscaping Photos


Our “Spring” (and I use the term loosely) this year was pretty disappointing.  Cold and rainy through most of May, followed by immediate 90 + degree weather over Memorial Day weekend and into June.  So our Spring landscaping was done pretty late this year.  But, it finally got finished yesterday (normally Karen does it, but she’s pretty busy with grad school this year, so I hired our lawn guy to do it).  We ended up taking out a wood box that was placed next to the garage which was a bit of an eyesore, and replacing it with some rocks and had some burning bushes planted – should look lovely in the Fall when they turn red.  Once the project was completed, I ran out with my 5D Mark II and my 17-40L lens, and grabbed some nice photos – as usual, just click to make them larger:


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