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A Review of Kydex Holsters Made By MT Holsters


My wife, God bless her, has become more interested in shooting.  Actually it’s more accurate to say the interest has been there, but the time hasn’t thanks to her graduate studies.  But with her MBA finally completed, she wants to shoot more and take more classes beyond the CCW permit training she received.  Her normal carry firearm is a Sig P238, but she actually prefers to shoot her S&W M&P 9mm.  So I decided to get her all “geared up” for Christmas with tactical pants, a gun belt, and of course, a kydex holster for her M&P and some matching magazine holsters.

Kydex holsters aren’t cheap.  The materials aren’t expensive, but to do the job right does take some time and some expertise, which is why it’s not uncommon to see them priced in the $70-$100.00 range.  Fortunately more players seem to be “getting in the game” with kydex holster offerings – MT Holsters out of Orlando, FL is one such maker.  Combining an impressive array of custom options and a very reasonable price (just $35.00 per gun holster, and $20.00 per magazine holster) I had to give him a try.  My wife’s favorite color is red so I decided to have her holsters made in red kydex, and because his price was so reasonable, I decided to order a holster set in coyote brown for myself.  Here’s a photo of my wife’s red holster set:


The red set looks FANTASTIC!  This was a big hit with my wife for Christmas – she was completely surprised and thrilled.  I have to be honest – I may have to “borrow” these once in a while from her.  The coyote brown set I purchased also came out very well, and looks great.



The quality of the construction seemed right on par with some of the best holster work I’ve seen, with a definite attention to detail.  Retention in both the gun and magazine holsters is excellent – strong enough to ensure the gun stays secure, but not so strong has to inhibit extraction of the weapon from the holster.  As of this writing, I’ve not yet taken these holsters out to the range, but I’ve worn them around the house, and practiced drawing and doing magazine changes.  All the holster functioned flawlessly during this testing, and no holster wear was noted after several draws.  MT Holsters uses metal clips which allow the holster be attached to your belt without having to remove the belt:


I more often see kydex “J clips” used to secure the holster to the belt.  These metal clips which MT Holsters used seemed quite secure but were a bit more challenging to get the holster on and off again.  That small issue notwithstanding, I was also surprised at how comfortable these holsters are.  They hug your body nicely for excellent concealment , and are the clips are reversible so that the holster can be worn inside or outside the waistband.

MT Holsters did miss their initial completion date of two weeks after I placed my order, but they did manage to get my order to me before Christmas.  Again, given the price I paid, I didn’t mind waiting a little longer.  And the product is more than satisfactory.  More than that, it’s clear that Anthony Rosa will go the extra mile to make his customer happy – and that’s the sort of customer service which seems to be sorely lacking in this industry, based on my experience.  Do contact MT Holsters on their Facebook page and give them a try.

In addition to my usual photo review, I have prepared a supplemental video review for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. The red looks pretty cool, but I prefer the coyote. You’re right – kydex can be a nice chunk of change, but compared to high quality leather, it is definitely cheaper. Mass produced stuff from some of the big names is cheaper (both materials.)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Richard. I’ve actually got another MT Holster inbound – look for a review coming soon. I think when it comes to durability, kydex has a clear edge over leather. Leather can look prettier and in some cases is more comfortable, but I’m a big fan of kydex holsters.


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