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A Summary Of My Defensive Training


I’ve taken a number of courses from several different training facilities/trainers over the last few years, and decided it would be a good idea for me to keep a running summary of all the training I’ve had to date.  This will not only help me keep track of the training I’ve had and what I want to get, but also what training I might need to get refreshed.



Sim-Trainer First Shots Course – June 2010                          4hrs.   $25.00

Sim-Trainer CCW Course – September 2010                         16hrs.  $150.00

Sim-Trainer Handgun I-V – 10/2010-6/2011                      16hrs.   $350.00

Sim-Trainer Basic Tactical Rifle – July 2011                             3hrs.   $100.00

Sim-Trainer Intermediate Tactical Rifle – Nov 2011              4hrs.   $100.00

TDI Handgun I-III – April 2012                                                24hrs.  $525.00

TDI Active Killer/Shooter – June 2012                                      28hrs.  $525.00

Handgun Combatives – Enhancing Combative Pistolcraft    16hrs.  $300.00

TDI Tactical Rifle I – August 2012                                              28hrs.  $525.00

TDI Tactical Rifle II – September 2012                                      18hrs.  $350.00

TDI Tactical Rifle II – October 2014                                           18hrs.  $350.00

 TDI Tactical Rifle III – October 2012                                         18hrs.  $350.00

TDI Partner Tactics – May 2013                                                     24hrs.  $525.00

TDI Tactical Shotgun – July 2014                                                 16 hrs. $400.00

SIG Sauer Academy Skill Builder Pistol – June 2016                  8hrs.  $225.00

SIG Sauer Academy – Intro. To Defensive Pistol – June 2016   8hrs.  $225.00

SIG Sauer Academy – Defensive Pistol – June 2016                     8hrs.  $225.00

SIG Sauer Academy – Close Quarter Pistol – June 2016              8hrs.  $225.00

SIG Sauer Academy – Advanced Tactical Pistol – June 2016      8hrs.  $225.00

WARTAC – Close Quarters Pistol – October 2016                        16hrs.  $400.00


TDI Defensive Knife – December 2011                                        16 hrs.  $350.00

TDI Close Quarters Personal Control I-II  Feb 2012              16 hrs.  $350.00

TDI Close Quarters Personal Control III-IV  Mar 2013          16 hrs.  $350.00


NRA Instructor Certification & Basic Pistol – Jan 2013           20 hrs.  $350.00

SIG Sauer Academy – P320 Armorer’s Course – July 2016         8hrs.  $225.00

To date, I’ve had 350 hours of total defensive training at a cost of about $8,000.00

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