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Ammo Bag Options: The Maxpedition Active Shooter Bag vs. The LA Police Gear Zombie Hunter Bag


If you’re like  me, you’ve accumulated more than a few magazines since the November election.   The question is, “what to do with them?”  I hope I never have to use any of my guns for self-defense, much less my AR-15.  But if I did, and I found the need to use more than one 30-round magazine, I’m guessing I’ll need a LOT of magazines.  So I began thinking about how to store my magazines in a way which will all me quick access to them.  I initially tried simply using ammo cans – both the traditional USGI 50 cal cans and the polymer variety.  I found them be clumsy and noisy – and an ammo can sort of broadcasts what it is your carrying which may be less than ideal.  I then began looking at bags designed for the purpose of storing and deploying magazines for semi-automatic weapons of all types.  I eventually settled on two bags – the Maxpedition Active Shooter Bag and the LA Police Gear Zombie Hunter Bag:


The first bag I purchased was the Maxpedition Active Shooter bag.  The Active Shooter bag comes in two different configurations – one with the magazine pouches sewn onto the front of the bag, and one with MOLLE webbing.  The MOLLE version is slightly cheaper and more flexible in configuring to your precise needs.  However, in my situation the model with the sewn on magazine pouches was exactly what I was looking for, and it would have been more expensive to purchase MOLLE ammo pouches to duplicate the functionality of the model with the sewn on pouches.  So I purchased the model with the sewn on pouches:


The Active Shooter bag is rather basic, but for the purpose I purchased it for, it works perfectly.  I can store a total of ten 30-round magazines (8 in an interior pocket, and two in the outer pocket) in an easy to stow, grab-and-go solution.  The pistol mag pouches easily contain two 17-round M&P magazines as well.  It also has a 2nd interior pocket which could be used to store a firearm – it’s lined with “hook and loop” material so that velcro holsters (Maxpedition makes some great ones) can be used to safely store a handgun in this pocket.  In addition to the shoulder strap, there is another strap on the bottom of the bag (which can be stored if you don’t use it so it doesn’t get in the way) which can go around your waist.  For giggles, I tried this configuration and hated it.  I think the bag would just get in the way if you tried to wear it in a combative situation.  There are velcro fastening straps which can be used to fold up the shoulder strap and shorten the length such that it becomes a carry handle.  I prefer using the bag in the configuration since it does not have any other hand hold or carry handle on the bag.  Personally I’d rather see a dedicated carry handle sewn into the top of the bag.

In addition to my AR-15’s, I also own a Saiga 12 semi-automatic shotgun and was looking for a similar “grab and go” magazine storage solution for my 10-round box magazines, and possibly even a 20-round drum.  The Active Shooter bag is simply too small and compact to use for the larger Saiga 12 magazines, so I looked to the LA Police Gear “Zombie Hunter” bag:


A quick marketing rant:  I already feel like a reject from an episode of “Doomsday Preppers” when I buy some of this crap.  I don’t need manufacturers making me feel even more ridiculous than I sometimes already do by giving a bag a name like “Zombie Hunter.”  However, once you get past the name you find that the Zombie Hunter bag is an excellent choice.  It’s a bit larger than the Active Shooter from Maxpedition, but not much.  It’s two large interior pockets can contain three 10-round Saiga 12 box magazines (in one pocket) and a 20-round drum in the other with room to spare for a 5-round box magazine.  Both sides of the Zombie Hunter bag have zipper pouches which can hold pistol magazines or other related items.  The only slight problem I have with them is you can’t easily tell what’s in the zipper compartments, as you can with the velcro exterior pouches on the Active Shooter bag.  The front of the Zombie Hunter bag also has MOLLE webbing, so I may add a couple of dedicated magazine pouches, and leave the zipper pockets for other items like medical supplies.  It also has a spot for you to put a velcro name tag or label on the bag – GREAT idea.  I have multiples of these bags, each containing load outs for different weapon systems.  So I’ll be using the velcro labels to help quickly identify the contents.  I searched long and hard for a good ammo bag solution that would work well with the Saiga 12 shotgun, and I’m thrilled to have found one, but it would also work well with other weapon systems.

In comparing the two bags, the Maxpedition Active Shooter bag is a premium solution at a list price of $105.99 (find the Active Shooter bag cheaper on Amazon by clicking here), with a very narrow and specific use – particularly the version with sewn in pockets.  The LA Police Gear Zombie Hunter bag (exclusive to the online vendor LA Police Gear) is considerably less expensive with an MSRP of $39.99 (typically “on sale” for less) with the extra room it provides, it can be used with a greater variety of weapon systems.  The compactness of the Active Shooter bag is attractive – is specific purpose means that what you put in it fits like a specifically designed glove.  It also has premium build quality one would expect with the premium price tag.  If you’d like to see more about these two bags and how I use them, check out the video below:

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  1. For marking the end pouches on the zombie hunter bag, try different color paracord zipper pulls. Marks your bag for OPSEC without a name tag as well as differentiating the two end pockets.

  2. GREAT suggestion – thanks!


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