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Another Review of Kydex Holsters From MT Holsters


In December of last year, I did a review of kydex holsters I purchased from MT Holsters.  I liked them so much, I decided to order another for my M&P 9c’s in black:



I discovered Tony and MT Holsters when he was first starting out – He’s growing by leaps and bounds thanks to his excellent craftsmanship, great customer service, and reasonable prices.  He now offers several different holster models for both inside and outside the waistband carry options with an impressive number of color options, and a willingness to customize any holster to a customer’s needs.  My preferred carry of the M&P 9c is outside the waistband, and I’ve found the mid-sized OWB holster model to be very much to my liking.  This latest black model is nearly identical to the coyote tan model I purchased last year:


The “sweat shield” on the black model does extend higher than on the tan model, and there’s been some changes to the position of the belt clips:


Otherwise, everything I really like about the tan model is present in the black one – light, great retention, conceals well, and very comfortable to wear.  The really exciting change for me is with the design of MT Holster’s magazine holsters.  I bought two black kydex magazine holsters to go with the black kydex gun holster – here’s what the magazine holster looks like:


It’s considerably more compact in dimensions than the magazine holsters I purchased with the tan gun holster I purchased last year.  With the tan model, it would be difficult to wear it if you wanted to carry two extra magazines on your belt – the holster was just too wide.  When I conceal carry, I normally only carry one extra magazine.  However, when I take or teach shooting classes, or participate in competition shoots, I like to have two magazines on my belt – something that I can easily do with the new smaller magazine holster option MT Holsters now provides.  Here’s a photo which shows the old tan magazine holster and the new, smaller black magazine holster:


When my students seeking their concealed carry permit ask me about holsters, I always recommend a kydex holster as the first, best option for a mid to full-sized firearm carried in the traditional 3-4 o’clock position.  There’s several manufacturers of kydex holsters but I strongly recommend you give Tony at MT Holsters a try.

As a supplement to my written photo review, I’ve also produced a video review of this holster from MT Holsters:

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