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Model Shoot From The 2012 PhotoPro Expo


This weekend I attended the 2012 Photo Pro Exo in Cincinnati (actually just over the bridge at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center).  I plan to do a separate post on everything I experienced and learned at the conference, but I did have the opportunity to do some model shoots under studio lights – a first for me.  How’d I do?

I don’t often get the opportunity to do glamor/fashion stuff, so this was great fun for me.


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  1. Can’t put my finger on it, but the lighting on the first one seems funky…

  2. cousin Kel :) says:

    Hey Bub! These are so cool! How funny is it that I have the same bustier as the model in the second shot…haha. I bet you had sooo much fun…..great work!

  3. Thanks! It was a busy weekend, but much fun!

  4. cclaude clay says:

    mike–i did a double take also, thinkg at 1st it may be artifacts ( bad ISO) but settling on the shadows. about her face they are too busy….too many & oddly shaped taking my eye away from her.
    john…..very good color balance and contrase–especially about her hair and eyes. nicely done.the dude is a fine example of contrast. so good i wonder if it is a layered technique. be well

  5. No layering Clay – thanks for the feedback.

  6. she looks very beautiful


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