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Modifications Made To My Zero Tolerance 0801


Yesterday I published my review of the Zero Tolerance 0801, and in that article I talked about wanting to have some modifications done to my knife. Here’s YouTuber Jim Skelton’s video which gave me the idea:

In the video, Jim indicated the work was done by Will Moon.  Unfortunately, when I reached out to Will Moon about having the same work done to my knife, he wasn’t interested in doing the work.  I did a little leg work and found a member of BladeForums who was interested, and came highly recommend from the community – his user name is “Maprik.”  The knife is now back from Maprik, so I thought I’d share some photos showing how the work turned out:



I’m quite pleased with the results.  The ZT 0801 looked a little “boring” with the factory stone washed finish and titanium grey color.  I also wasn’t a fan of the black painted components on the knife either.  Maprik blue anodized the titanium handle scales, then applied a brushed/satin finish – this removed that anodization from the flat areas of the handle scales, but maintained it in the recessed grooves giving a cool two-tone look  He also polished all the metal hardware (screws, pocket clip, et.) which removed the black paint/coating they had from the factory including the stand-offs between the handle scales:



Now the knife has a richer, almost “gentleman’s folder” dress knife appearance.  I don’t consider this knife a tactical folder, so the new look fits well with the personality  of the knife in my opinion.  Here’s a YouTube video on my channel with some additional footage of the knife:

Now I finally have a knife that goes well with my car.  😀


Update – I found a vendor on a forum site who sells custom titanium stand offs for the ZT 0801!  How do they look?


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  1. I’m actually in the process of doing something similar. Yours looks very nice indeed.

    I’ll also be adjusting the grind on mine though.

  2. Good luck – let me know how it turns out!

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