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More Backyard Dog Photo Fun!


Last year, we were able to get out in the back yard with the dogs quite a bit and play.  But this summer was dreadful in this regard.  It was either too hot for man nor beast, or it was raining.  🙁  The few in-between times we had, the back yard was so brown from the record heat, I had no desire to take photos.

But FINALLY, the first weekend in October gave us the opportunity to have some family fun with our furry kids – as always, just click on the photos to see a larger view.

Here’s Karen with some toys that the our dogs love to play with:

You’d think that our labs (Hans and Lady) would be the big “fetchers” but in reality Ceasar our Rottweiler absolutely loves to play fetch:

He also loves to jump up in the air and catch toys – the boy has hops!

Here he is enjoying his “conquest:”

This may be my favorite picture of Ceasar – I’m going to get this up in my office:

Hans posing for the camera:

With Karen:

All photos were taken with my Canon 5D Mark II, and my Canon 70-200 IS L lens.

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