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My 2006 BMW 330i


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a car guy.  And I’ve always had a thing about German cars – Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi all make models I like and respect.

In 2006, I got my first new BMW – it was the brand new e90 model 330i:

Taking delivery of my new 2006 BMW 330i

That was a great day – it was in the Fall of 2005, so as of this writing, I’ve had the car exactly 5 years.  Without running out to the car to check, I think I’ve got 70,000ish miles on the odometer.  In that time, it’s easily been the best car I’ve ever owned – which explains why it’s been the car I’ve held onto the longest of any I’ve owned.  It’s the ideal mix of creature comforts and practicality with the soul of a true high performance machine – the ultimate sports sedan.

By no means am I well experienced in automotive photography, but I’ve had the opportunity to do some car photography for two different articles I wrote which were published in ROUNDEL Magazine (the official magazine of the BMW Car Club of America).  The first was an article about my 1st road trip with my new 330i – Ohio to Florida during Thanksgiving of 2005:

The second article I wrote in 2008 compared my 2006 BMW 330i to my wife’s 2005 Acura TL:

That was no cake walk win for the Bimmer by the way – I’ve owned three Acura TL’s.  Honda makes one heckuva nice sport sedan themselves.

Hopefully I find time to post up more photos I’ve taken of this fantastic car.  Enjoy!


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  1. Being a owner of this vehicle i would love to praise about its performance and driving ability. Well if you fell that Audi S4 or any other vehicle in its class is good then you are absolutely wrong.

  2. BMW 330i entry-level model is one of the best choices for a luxury mid-size sedan in the present market. It has come with everything that one would like to see in their vehicles.


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