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Photos from the 2014 AIRK Nationals in Charlotte NC


This past weekend, my wife and I made the considerable drive from Dayton, Ohio to Charlotte, NC to attend the Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Klub’s Nationals in Charlotte.  The show was held at the Piedmont Kennel Club, which is actually just a couple of miles over the South Carolina border.  It’s about a 7 hour drive, but with puppies needing stops every couple of hours, it took us closer to 8 hours.  The drive was worth it however, as the show was the largest non-AKC Rottweiler show in the US scheduled for 2014 (so far…).

We showed our dogs in the puppy classes – Maximus competed in the 6-9 month class, while Zeus competed in the 9-12 month class.  Here’s some photos we got at the show:





Our breeder (Christy Hutchinson of Krafthaus Rottweilers) running Maximus (with a fractured ankle no less!):





Many thanks for Rosann Bentley for the photographic assist while I was busy showing our dogs. Here’s a shot that photographer Sasa Mihajlovic Weisenstadt got of me and Zeus during the show:


Here’s a shot I took of my wife Karen with our two dogs:


Unfortunately our time at the show was short – we left shortly after noon back for Ohio because of the terrible weather forecast for Sunday.  The puppy classes were shown on Saturday, while the adult classes were shown on Sunday so unfortunately we missed seeing “celebrity” entrant – Imperator vom hause Zschammer who is by all accounts the #1 Rottweiler in Europe today.  He won the 2014 AIRK National Sieger title at the show.  Neither of our dogs (Zeus or Max) placed in their respective classes, but both received “P” (promising) ratings. Regardless, it was a great experience for us to show at that level.

While we weren’t at the show long enough for me to do a full review, I did come away with a few impressions to pass along.

-The host hotel (the Comfort Inn Carowinds in Fort Mill) was quite poor.  It looked as though the hotel had been recently renovated, but our room smelled of cigarette smoke, and the AC/heater unit was incredibly loud.  I’m sure it tough finding a place that will take dogs and provide a group rate, but this hotel was among the worst I’ve ever stayed.

-The Piedmont Kennel Club seemed perfect for the event in terms of space, parking, and bathroom facilities.  The also had a mobile food vendor on site.

– AIRK is a fairly no-frills/bare bones organization and these types of events are usually high on expenses and low on sponsorship.  But the show promoters managed to put together a nice show with VERY nice trophies, and nice T-Shirts and programs available for purchase.

Overall it was a great show that I hope continues.  Our only regret (besides staying at the host hotel) is that we could stay longer at the show.

Here are the show’s complete results as reported on Facebook:

2014 AIRK Nationals Results


Redyre Full Fandango

J. Matthews Hazel

Kito Von der Tonberger Hohe

Charlotte Crni Lotos

Urko Flash Rouse

Aska Von der Spencberg

Imperator Von Haus Zschammer

Ivey V Blackbear

Conformation Classes RESULTS

4-6 Month Puppy – Male
VP1 BMP Redyre Full Fandango
VP2 Black Onyx You Bet I’m Somethin of Quarterwoods
VP3 Goliath Zara Cro Rott
VP4 Notorious von Syramad
VP Misty Lakes Rudolf von Ursa
VP Kiefer von der Brunhilde
VP Jernan’s Legendary Outlaw vom Drakkenfels
VP Jernan’s Time Bandit vom Drakkenfels
VP Taser vom Schwarzen-eis

6-9 Month Puppy – Male
VP1 Abel vom Werner Haus
VP2 Axel von Herrschaft
VP3 Cain von Herrschaft
VP4 Mauser vom Krafthaus
P Benno vom Walhill
P Sir Walter Henrik von Krafthaus
P Maximus Sohn von Holbrook vom Krafthaus
DQ Genworks Marz
DQ Genworks Magnum

9-12 Month Puppy – Male
VP1 Gentry Creek’s Zeke
VP2 Eternal Moon on Fire
VP3 Charlie vom Hause Ivey
VP4 Lazarus vom Vollenhaus
VP Grantham vom Krafthaus
VP Ace von Krafthaus
P Zeus Sohn von Holbrook vom Krafthaus
P Papou von Kozak

12-18 Month Youth – Male
V1 Ikarus Haus of Lazic
V2 Asher vom Haus Colao
V3 Black Moriah’s Aragon
V4 Genworks Leo
V Guinness vom Mullins Haus
V Kobo vom Hause Edelstein
V Alaka’i Kona vom Drakkenfels
V Caelix von Heidelberg
SG Maximus Das Schwarz H’o’llenhund
SG Redyre Good Bet
SG Assassin vom Drakkenfels
SG Admiral vom Haus Favor
SG Ammo vom Hause Earnest
DQ Largo vom Schwarzerald

18-24 Month Youth – Male
V1 YS Kito von der Tonberger Hohe
V2 Kougar vom Thomas
V3 Ghaddafi von Stalwart Haus
V4 J-tyson von Sonoline

4-6 Month Puppy – Female
VP1 Isabell vom Thomas
VP2 Kira von der Brunhilde
VP3 Oxsana is Rojaus Slenio
VP4 Nikka von Syramad
VP Black Onyx Sochi
VP Tut vom Hundkonig Vse
P Hope vom Heldenhaft

6-9 Month Puppy – Female
VP1 vom Wollmans Ria
VP2 vom Wollmans Rue
VP3 Bijou von Herrschaft
VP4 Brita von Herrschaft
VP Daisy vom Hause Harless
VP Gentry Creeks Bella
VP Inari vom Walhill
VP Krafthaus’ Karmas a Bitch
VP Gia vom Heldenhaft

9-12 Month Puppy – Female
VP1 BFP J. Matthew’s Hazel
VP2 Frida vom Grossen Tal
VP3 Gentry Creeks Zoey
VP4 Freya Zara Cro Rott
VP Jasmin von der Brunhilde
VP Dakota vom Hause Harless
VP Leeza vom Stolz Seinauf
VP Sabra vom Walhill
VP Drybrucke’s Demi
VP Das Kaos Vier Eva vom Windywoods
VP Inaya aus Dem Blumental
VP Remi von Krafthaus
VP Krafthaus’ Supra Dupra Doo
P Eternal Moon One of These Nights

12-18 Month Youth – Female
V1 YS Charlotte Crni Lotos
V2 Kiki Earl Antonius
V3 Alice von Heidelberg
V4 Ciana Vonheildelberg
V Mercedes aus der Espenstatte
V Rogue von der Rod
V Asta vom Hause Earnest
V Emma vom Blaurasen
V Inna vom Hause Fritz
V Babs von der Indischen-see
SG Ketelhaus’ Fifty Caliber Ammo

18-24 Month Youth – Female
V1 G-man’s Anya Marx Get Set Go
V2 Clarisa vom Hause Hudson
V3 Zara von Haus Zizakov
V4 vom Wollmans Mia
V vom Wollmans Nora
V Bonny vom Hause Harless
V Zarrah Lei von der King
V Greta Hause Kaligula
V Suzi Ewelberg
V Magicwinds Fire on the Mountain HICs, CA
V Davinci’s Sette Di Nove
V Busa vom Hause Harless
V Ziva vom Drakkenfels
V vom Wollmans Nika

Open – Male
V1 Asamuel Carrabba vom Haus Ivey
V2 Nick vom Carrabba Haus BH
V3 Broly-sohn Seinauf vom Mutig Herz
V4 Amigo von Haus Kelu
V Cash von Vinseau
V King von der Grunden
SG Nalo von der Vollig
SG Hannibal vom Dunvanhof

Working – Male
V1 VICE SIEGER Urko Flash Rouse BH, IPO1
V2 Vili Crni Lotos IPO1
V3 Fonzi Carrabba vom River Villa SchH1

Sieger – Male
V1 SIEGER Imperator vom Haus Zschammer
V2 Davinci’s San Giovanni Batista
V3 Island’s Kawliga von Ursa V Brick
V4 G-man’s Deezel Takes All
V Rex Ekland IPO1, BH, PT
V Dark Waters Dream MacHine V Eternal Moon
V Tony vom Carrabba Haus
SG Ninja Hause Kaligula

Breeders – Male
V1 Bishop vom Hause Hudson
V2 Axis vom Hause Hudson

Veteran – Male
V1 vom Falke Koniglich
V2 Kayara Haiden vom Heldenhaft
V3 Lex von der Korperkraft

Open – Female
V1 SIEGERIN Ivey V. Blackbear
V2 Vom Wollman’s Ava
V3 Tabea vom Vollenhaus
V4 Elli von der Barrhump
V Mamba von Hartenkern
V Yana vom Drakkenfels
V Ayana von Hause Kelu
V Dayana Flash Rouse
V Onda von der Barrhump
SG Jaska von Krieger

Working – Female
V1 Lucie von der Rod, BH, Sch 1
V2 Lexxa Black Allusion BH, IPO1

Siegerin – Female
V1 VICE SIEGERIN Aska von der Spencberg
V2 Tonka Earl Antonius
V3 Wu-tang’s Jersey BH
V4 Bonita vom Wilden Westen
V Alpha and Omega’s and the Winner is
V Whoopi von Evman
V Ivanka vom Wesburg
V Vampy vom Vollenhaus

Breeders – Female
V1 Desire vom Hause Bright
V2 Adara vom Hause Hudson
V3 Basha vom Hause Hudson

Veteran – Female
V1 Tabea vom Wilden Westen

Brood Bitch – Female
V1 Tigra Haus of Lazic

Kennel Class
1- Von Haus Hudson

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