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Review of the 2016 RKNA Klub Sieger and Regional IPO Trial


The Rottweiler Klub of North America hosted their 2016 Klub Sieger show ( (the largest show of the year) on October 8th and 9th.  This year, the host club was the Rottweiler Klub of Northeast Ohio which is located near Akron, Ohio.  RKNA has committed to having more IPO trials and a Regional IPO Trial was held on Friday, October 7th in conjunction with the Klub Sieger.  ADRK (German Rottweiler Klub) Judge and President of the VDH (German equivalent of the AKC) Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich severed as judge for both the IPO trial and the Klub Sieger.  I served as both photographer for the IPO Trial, and competed with my dog Zeus in the Klub Sieger on Sunday in the Champion Male class.

The Regional IPO on Friday was truly impressive – much better in my honest opinion than the 2015 USRC IPO Championship I attended last year where there were just six dogs entered.  I arrived to the field right after the tracking ended, and right before the BH and IPO obedience phase started.  Here are just a few of the obedience photos I took:









Protection phase:




I was super pleased with how the photos turned out – some of the best work of my career.  Look for more in the pages of TOTAL ROTTWEILER MAGAZINE.

There was a total of 9 dogs entered in the IPO Trial, and 2 dogs that attempted to pass their ZTP.  I was really impressed by the quality of dogs and handlers, as well as the judging.  Not everyone passed, but the judge was quite fair and at times even generous – I would not hesitate to use him in an IPO trial in the future.

The trial was very entertaining and it was also great to see many friends that, outside of Facebook, I only get to see at Rottweiler events:

Myself and Rottweiler Breeder Rob Martin:


Myself with the only ADRK certified Trial Helper in the US – Alex Rodreguez:


Here’s a photo I took with myself and Event Judge Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich at the judges dinner:


Saturday I watched all the male and female Youth Classes, then Sunday my dog and I competed in the Champion Male Class.

I’m pleased to report that Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich awarded my dog CH Zeus Sohn Von Holbrook Vom Krafthaus second place (V2) in the Champion Male class.





I must say that 2nd place at the Big Shows is starting to get a little frustrating for Zeus and I.  This is the 2nd RKNA Klub Sieger where we’ve placed 2nd (in 2014 Zeus placed 2nd in the Youth 12-18 Month Class).  Zeus has also placed 2nd in his class at two AKC American Rottweiler Club Nationals Club Siegers (2013 and 2014).  I will say that the dog that beat us for the V1 spot in Champion Males went on to win both the Sieger and Best of Breed, so we don’t feel too badly about how we placed in the show.

I think both the Regional IPO Trial on Friday and the Klub Sieger on Saturday and Sunday were good events – particularly the IPO Trial.  The Klub Sieger was also extremely well run and organized.  I was particularly impressed with the speed at which my show critique was made available to me.  The Champion Class in which we competed was the last class to show before lunch.  I grabbed lunch, came back to the field, and my critique was printed and signed.   Before I make my critical commentary, let me preface by saying that I measure a Klub Sieger by a different yardstick than I do a less prestigious, regional event.  If this show had been a regional event, it would have rated in my book as a very good one.  But this is the RKNA Klub Sieger.  As such, in my mind this show should stand out from regional events – it should be a step (or two..or three) above.  By this standard, the 2016 Klub Sieger left a bit to be desired.  The location for the show was a public soccer field – very serviceable in most respects, but left much to be desired in others.  The bathroom facilities were limited to a single “port-a-potty” next to the soccer field.  There was also next to no areas available to crate dogs – and absolutely no shade.  Fortunately it didn’t get terribly hot that weekend, so most people left their dogs crated in their vehicles.  So while there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with the chosen location, it certainly didn’t have the panache of other National level Sieger events I’ve attended, which was a bit of a disappointment.

Let’s talk a moment about the awards.  In my previous event reviews, I’ve discussed my personal preference for trophies over plaques.  Here again, I don’t necessarily fault a regional event for incorporating plaques into their awards.  But a Klub Sieger?  Every dog that places in a Klub Sieger should receive a trophy.  In this show, only the major winners (Youth Sieger/Sieger/Best of Breed, etc.) received a trophy.


Let me stress that these few criticisms are minor issues in the grand scheme of things – the Rottweiler Klub of Northeast Ohio worked very hard to make it a fun three days for all that attended, for that they deserve much respect and recognition.

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