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Review of the FOURSEVENS Preon 0


Along with the FOURSEVENS Titanium Tactical Pen I reviewed last week, FOURSEVENS also debuted a new flashlight last month at Shot Show 2012 – the Preon 0:

Like the Titanium Tactical Pen, the Preon 0 displays FOURSEVEN’s  new logo and branding.

The Preon 0 is designed to be a very small but useful light that can be attached to a keychain.  Constructed of stainless steel, the Preon 0 has an amazing form factor which isn’t much larger than the AAA battery which charges it (I do some size comparisons in the video below).  It’s equipped with a CREE XPE LED with a maximum out put of 25 lumens (1.5hr. run time) in high mode, and has a low mode “moonlight” mode of .24 lumens (120 hour run time).   The reflectorless design means the light pattern is free of artifacts and hotspots – it’s a very clean, consistent beam and is surprisingly bright for it’s diminutive size.  The light is designed for flood vs. throw and does a nice job of illuminating the area in which you point it

The Preon 0 also features a unique luminous coating on the interior of the emitter, beneath the optical-grade lens.  After running the Preon 0 in high mode, you’ll note the green glow coming from the emitter – unfortunately, the glow quickly fades to a level which isn’t visually discernible in low light.  It’s a nifty, “cool” feature, but one that also could have been extremely functional had a more longer-lasting luminous material been chosen to coat the interior of the emitter.  When you need a flashlight (or your keys for that matter, since the Preon 0 is designed for key ring attachment) you’re often in the dark.  A glowing flashlight would be very handy under these circumstances.


At a retail price of $24.99, the Preon 0 is a worthy addition to the FOURSEVENS Preon family of high utility, high value flashlights.  As much as I’d like to say that I’ll use the Preon 0 as much as I already use the Preon 1 and Preon 2, I can’t – my wife has already laid claim to it.  So my advice is to be smarter than me, and buy two.  🙂

In addition to my photo review, I’ve prepared a video supplement to this review:


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  1. Hi John,
    The luminous effect is not a coating or a paint. It is solid GITD rubber material, the Preon0 uses in place of the standard reflector :).

  2. So your saying that a luminous or “glow in the dark” compound was applied? Yes – that’s what I said. 🙂

  3. calicojack says:

    careful posting this like you did on arfcom. i got banned for a lot less….

  4. CarpentryHero says:

    Thanks for the review ????????

  5. Your welcome???????? 🙂


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