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Review of the SIG MPX Mag Holster By Red Hill Tactical


As an owner of a SIG Sauer MPX Carbine who uses it in various competitive settings (3 GUN NATION, USPSA) I’ve ordered and used the SIG branded OEM magazine holsters for MPX magazines which are made by Blade-Tech.  Having used them in several matches, I’d have to describe them as OK at best.  The main problem I have with them is that the magazines fit too tightly in the holster – it’s more retention than what you want for competition, which will slow down mag changes.  The mag holsters are made from Kydex and are of reasonably good quality, but the Kydex is quite thin in places which gives it the appearance of being low quality and readily damaged.    I tried loosening the screws which fasten the mag holster together in hopes of releasing the death-grip retention the holster had on my magazines which helped.  Unfortunately, I also learned that this was a fast way to lose a screw in the middle of a match, rendering the holster useless.  NOTE:  Blade-Tech cheerfully sent me replacement screws and standoffs free of charge.

When Robert King of Red Hill Tactical recently announced on Facebook that he had procured an MPX magazine for the purpose of making magazine holsters for the MPX, I quickly placed an order.  Red Hill Tactical is a name that many in the practical shooting community are familiar with for making custom Kydex products.  Earlier this year I ordered a custom Kydex holster for my SIG P320 Compact which I shoot in competition, and couldn’t be more pleased with it, so I was optimistic.

It took a couple of weeks for him to start sending out the first batch of MPX mag holsters, but I believe I was one of the first to receive one.  Here’s a photo of the RHT mag holster (left) next to the SIG OEM mag holster made by Blade-Tech (right):


The RHT holster has a more custom/handmade appearance than the clean lines of the OEM holster, and it’s a bit larger and thicker, though not noticably heavier.  I also ordered it with the optional silver retention adjustment screws.  Out of the box (or bag as it were) the RHT holster had almost zero retention – great if you’re on a “stand and deliver” type stage with not a lot of movement.  But if it’s a stage where you’ll be running around aggressively, you’ll surely lose a magazine so I’m glad I sprang for the retention adjustment screws – I tightened them down just a tad.  The RHT holster also appears to be quite a bit more robust with a higher build quality:



This price difference between the SIG OEM mag holster and the RHT made mag holster is significant.  I’ve picked up the SIG model for as little as $15.00 on sale plus shipping, while the RHT model I ordered was $41.75.  Fortunately, in both 3GN and USPSA, having a 40-round magazine in the gun, and one in my holster will get me through the majority of stages.  I don’t think most people will need more than one of these.  I’ll hang on to my SIG OEM holsters to use as backup or in those rare cases a stage calls for more than 80 rounds.  If you’re a PCC competitor with an MPX, and need a good competition magazine holster, give Red Hill Tactical a look.

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