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Review of the Zero Tolerance ZT 0095S90VBLK


Hopefully if you’re reading this review, you know that I reviewed the Zero Tolerance  ZT 0095 Russia Exclusive version just a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve been quite enjoying that knife since acquiring it.  So much so in fact that I wanted to pick up another version of the ZT 0095 that would be not quite as rare and expensive which I’d be OK with using/beating up a bit.  Which lead me to discover the ZT 0095S90VBLK.

For most people looking for a “user” version of the ZT 0095, the ZT 0095BW might actually be the best choice.  It’s the “regular production” version of the ZT 0095, and is $20.00 less than the ZT 0095S90VBLK.  Other than the aesthetic differences in the “black wash” finish and the more pedestrian S35VN blade steel used, it’s essentially the same knife.  The ZT 0095S90VBLK is considered a “sprint run” version, and has the upgraded CPM S90V blade steel, and might have (as the sprint run designation suggests) a lower production run than the ZT 0095BW.  I say might because a)ZT doesn’t release any production figures on any of the knives they make, and b)the ZT 0095S90VBLK doesn’t appear, as of this writing, to be in short supply, and can be ordered from most dealers which carry ZT knives (ZT now has MAP controlled pricing so you might as well order it from Amazon and get free shipping and points on your Amazon Visa!).  For me however, the ZT 0095S90VBLK is simply a more visually attractive knife – I see the appeal of the “black wash” finish, but it’s just not for me.  My hope is that the DLC coating will help keep my knife looking brand new and free from the usually wear marks on the blade and scales.  Normally I’m not attracted to black coated knives, but I have to admit that the  ZT 0095S90VBLK is a notable exception for me – I do like it very much.  Even the plain-jane ZT pocket clip I’m normally ambivolent about on other models looks nice on this knife:

I’ve been extolling the virtues of Bohler M390 (and its chemical equivalent blade steels) for several years.  Admittedly, I have no previous experience with CPM S90V

I’ve been extolling the virtues of Bohler M390 (and its chemical equivalent blade steels) for several years.  Admittedly, I have no previous experience with CPM S90V, but everything I’ve uncovered in researching it indicates that it will have even better wear resistance than my beloved Bohler M390.  It’s considered a very top-tier “super steel” and is more expensive than most other steels.  So I’m expecting great things by way of performance from this knife.  Again, with the DLC coating, I’m hoping to be able to fearlessly use the blade without it picking up a lot of scuff marks and scratches.

I don’t have a large collection, so for me to buy two different versions of the same knife should say something about how I feel about the ZT0095 – it really is a perfect knife for my purposes.  Here’s a link to purchase the ZT 0095S90VBLK.  Again, this model is considered a limited production “sprint run” so if you have any desire to pick one up, doing so sooner than later is adviseable.

In addition to this written photo review, I’ve recorded a video review about the ZT 0095S90VBLK:

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