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Revisiting the Skyline: A Review of the Red Kershaw Skyline 1760RDSW


Last year, I did a video review of the standard edition of the Kershaw Skyline.  In case your memory is foggy on that point (or if you never saw the first review) here’s the video:

The Kershaw Community (some call it the Kershaw Mafia…) was fairly incensed at my suggesting that the Skyline was anything less than the “Nutnfancy Hall of Famer” knife which the TNP YouTube channel proclaims it to be.  But the fact is, I do like the knife…I just don’t think it’s one of the greatest knives ever made, even when the price is factored.  But the fact is, I do like it – in fact, when I learned that Kershaw was releasing some Skylines with both red and blue G10 scales, I snatched up one of the red examples:


For better or worse, this new red Skyline G10 1760RDSW edition differs very little from the standard edition Kershaw Skyline 1760:


In terms of differences, beyond the obvious color difference in the G10 scale, note that the 1760RDSW does not have black screws like the standard 1760 Skyline.  The specifications are however the same:

Overall Length: 7.375″
Blade Length: 3.125″
Blade Steel: Sandvik 14C28N
Closed Length: 4.25″
Weight: 2.3 oz.
Made in USA

Even the (stiff) pocket clip is the same as the traditional black model:


As I normally do with all my knives, I disassembled my 1760RDSW Skyline when I received it, and applied some Finish Line Extreme Fluoro (my preferred knife grease – very similar in formulation to Chris Reeve’s own fluorinated grease formulation).  It’s probably not a necessary step – the Skyline is manufactured with bronze phosphor bushings for ultra-smooth blade actuation.  An impressive feature for a value priced knife – bronze phosphor bushings is an innovation first championed by knife makers of knives at price points several times that of the Skyline.

There’s certainly a lot to like about the new 1760RDSW Kershaw Skyline – not the least of which is the impressive price point.  The Skyline carries a retail price point of $74.95, but can be found for much less on Amazon (click here).

I also recorded a supplemental video review on the Kershaw Skyline 1760RDSW:

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