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Shooting At the Miamisburg Sportsmen’s Club

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As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve joined the Miamisburg Sportsmen’s Club – a primarily outdoor facility.  This will nicely augment what I have available to me at Sim-Trainer, which is primarily an indoor facility.  My main motivation for joining was to have access to their 50 and 100 yard rifle ranges.  But as it turns out, they’ve got some really neat outdoor pistol bays as well, which I used over the holiday weekend (great weather!).  Here’s an iPhone 4 photo of the reactive steel targets they have on one of their pistol bays:

Here’s a short video demonstration of shooting on these reactive steel plates:

Shooting on these steel plates was incredibly fun as well as beneficial.  The range does allow members to draw from a holster, and to move and shoot in the pistol bays,  I got some practice in at shooting the steel plates while moving which is challenging.

Next up, I headed back to the small bore ranges and tried out some of the relatively new CCI Tactical .22LR Ammunition.  This ammunition is specifically designed for AR-style .22 rifles, and is said to have been extensively tested with the M&P 15-22 which I own.  I easily shot a couple of hundred rounds and experienced no failures or jams with the ammunition.  I also found it to be extremely accurate – I shot it “bench rested” just on the magazine.  Here’s how I grouped at 50 yards using this ammo in my M&P 15-22:

Though not great, that’s easily my best performance shooting at 100 yards (keep in mind my only optic that I’m using is an unmagnified Aimpoint P.R.O.).  Here’s a target showing my performance at 50 yards:

Very tight group for me with only three rounds outside the main bullseye target area.  The new CCI ammunition is supposed to run considerably cleaner as well.  I’ll have to report back on this issue, as I did also shoot some Federal .22LR through the gun prior to cleaning.

Next up I headed over to the 50 yard full-size rifle range and shot my M&P 15.  I could not have been more happy with my performance from 50 yards with this gun:

I think I group just a tad more tightly with my M&P 15 than I do with my M&P 15-22.

Between Sim-Trainer and the Miamisburg Sportsmen’s Club, I think I’m going to go broke just paying for all the ammo I’m shooting.  🙂  So far, I’m extremely impressed with the available resources at the Miamisburg Sportsmen’s Club!

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  1. Price of ammo: All the more reason a .22 LR is a fun gun – It takes a lot longer to go broke!


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