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The Amazing Quality of iPhone 4 Photos


This weekend I’ve been evaluating a new watch in my collection from RedSea Watches – the Holystone.  Since it’s a diving watch, I decided to bring it with me to our usual weekend afternoon trip to the local pool.  For giggles, I decided to take a a couple of photos of the watch while we were at the pool, and they came out shockingly well for photos taken by a phone.

Here’s a wrist shot of the watch:

Here’s one of the watch drying off on my towel after a dip in the pool:

The photos are great aren’t they?  I’m sure one or both will end up in the review I publish on this watch.  Now, you may be asking if the photos were processed much in Photoshop?  A bit, yes – but not much differently than I would do for any photo regardless of the device the photo came from.  In fact, I think most people would be think these photos came from a traditional point-and-shoot camera, or even a DSLR.  🙂

As we’re only weeks away from Apple releasing pre-order information on the iPhone 4 replacement, I sure do hope the camera doesn’t take a step backward because I’m constantly amazed at the performance of the iPhone 4 camera.

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