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Touring the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany


Once we had finished with doing the European Delivery on my friend’s new BMW 435 M Sport (which you can read about by clicking here), we ventured across the street to the BMW Museum:


My friend and I both received complimentary passes as part of his European Delivery package.  I’ll have to confess that I’m not as interested in automotive history as others might be – in most cases, old cars don’t really float my boat.  But there were certainly many points of interest for me in the BMW Museum.  For instance, this display showing the evolution of the venerable 3 Series was quite interesting:


It almost made me feel “old” to see this e46 body style 3 Series in a “museum” – heck, one of my co-workers drives one of these.  In reality, the e46 is only a couple of generations behind the current F30 platform.


I also got a kick out of seeing some of the past racing models on display:



As you might expect, you’ll see some fantastic examples of some of BMW’s most historically significant models and plenty of exhibits which pay tribute to the company’s rich heritage:


The museum also has displays which showcase some of BMW’s latest innovations, achievements, and prototype models:


The many models of BMW’s over the years:


Many people don’t realize that the BMW Group has a few other fantastic car brands in their portfolio than just BMW.  Both Mini and Rolls Royce are part of the BMW Group.  In the upper levels of the museum, you’ll find some fantastic examples from the legendary Rolls Royce brand:




I don’t ever see myself owning or even wanting a Rolls Royce, but they are pretty interesting cars – something I certainly don’t often see back home in Dayton, Ohio.

Overall, the museum was very enjoyable and well worth the price of admission (even if we had paid the regular admission price).  The Welt together with the BMW Museum offers the BMW enthusiast an experience unparalleled by any other German car manufacturer to date.


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