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I Successfully Completed My Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon Course


This weekend I took a class at my local gun range (Sim-Trainer) to fulfill Ohio’s classroom training requirements to receive a license to conceal and carry a firearm/weapon – CCW.  The class was basically all day (9-5) both Saturday and Sunday, and far exceeds the state minimum requirement to receive the license (10 hours classroom, 2 hours on the firing range).  As you can see, I successfully completed the course and received my certificate from Sim-Trainer.

The first day we covered mostly legal issues associated with Ohio’s law.  Where can you carry your concealed firearm?  Where can’t you?  What does the law say about carrying in your car?  What do you do when you’re stopped by an officer?  We also spent a lot of time talking about handgun safety.  The second day we discussed more tactical issues associated with self-defense, including some basic marksmanship.  We then went out on the gun range and were required to pass the qualification test associated with attaining the CCW permit.  It required you to shoot a total of 30 times from ranges varying from 10, 15, and 25 ft. from the target.  We were asked to shoot “center mass” but apparently any shot which hit within the body of the target “counted.”  I got a score of 30 out of 30 on the first target:

For me, that was pretty darn good grouping – some of the best shooting I’ve done in quite some time.

In the second shooting exercise we were required to draw our loaded firearm from a holster and fire at the target.  Again, 30 shots from varying distances of 10, 15, and 25 ft.  I performed nearly as well as I did during the first exercise, and scored a 29 out of 30.  As you can see, I pulled one of my shots (at 25 ft.) to the right, hitting my target “bad guy” in his left arm.  By my estimation this put me in about 2nd or 3rd place out of our class of nearly 20 people.

I was shooting my recently purchased Springfield Armory XD(m) 9mm.

After the shooting qualification portion of the course, we then took the written test.  I missed one question on the exam.

The following day, in accordance with Ohio law, I went down to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department with the above course completion certificate, the Ohio CCW application I downloaded, my driver’s license, and the $67.00 fee, plus $6.00 for them to take my photo (yes, I’m a professional photographer, but $6.00 was worth it to make sure it was done to their standards).  I was in and out in about 10 minutes at most (they fingerprinted me electronically and took my photo).  I’m told the current processing time is about three weeks, but since I’ve been an Ohio resident for more than five years, I don’t anticipate it will take that long to process.  The nice thing is that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department has a 24 hr. window where I can pick up my permit once it is processed.

Even though it was a long class (two days) I think the training that I received was excellent – many thanks to the guys at Sim-Trainer.  I not only learned a great deal, but had much fun in the process.  I honestly don’t anticipate that I will carry my gun with me all that often once I receive my CCW permit.  Unfortunately, Ohio has more restrictions than many other CCW states on where you can carry your firearm, and it seems like most places I go are restricted.  But at least I’ll be able to load up my magazines before I go to the gun range, and keep a loaded weapon in the car.  So that’s something.

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  1. Good for you, John! I see your grouping has quickly improved.

  2. Thanks Tom! Practice makes….improved. 🙂

  3. I took the course with John. The course was excellent and very well presented. Of interest, handling the hand gun on the range has become normal. But after we went through the draw from the holster and fire exercise, they had us leave our loaded weapons in the holster and go back to the classroom. Now it became a very odd feeling to have a loaded gun on my hip.

    Also of interest, at the begining of the class they went around and asked why people were in the classs. Two people said they were afraid of guns and they didn’t want to be. About 5 people said either they or their wives were involved in a home invasion and they did not any longer want to be victems.

  4. Hi Charlie! Great seeing you here on the website! I look forward to seeing you at more Sim-Trainer classes! Now, where do you keep the keys to that ‘Vette? 🙂

  5. Honestly, two days of training is pretty minimal when you consider that you’re being trained to do something which, let’s face it, could end someone’s life. Always remember that, in addition to the rules for the use of deadly force, you also need to adhere to the rules of escalation of force.

    Good on you for taking the course, though.

    Is Ohio a “may issue” or a “will issue” State with regards to CCW?

  6. Mike – the training which Sim-Trainer provides isn’t necessarily preparing you for the eventuality that you could end someone’s life. These and other related topics are discussed, but the primary focus is satisfying state law requirements for obtaining a CCW. Obtaining the CCW doesn’t necessarily and directly correlate to the taking of another person’s life – the hope is no CCW holder ever has to draw their weapon, and the class teaches the value of evasion and avoidance. Sim-Trainer does offer a host of other courses which more closely focus on self-defense and how to responsibly use a weapon if need be – courses that I’m currently taking. In answer to your question, Ohio is a “may issue” state.

  7. JOHN I go sept 23 for my ccw class is there any tips or info you could help me?

  8. Hi Mike – where are you taking the class? It’s not difficult so don’t worry. You’ll enjoy it!

  9. Hi John,
    I know this posting is 2 years old, but I’m in Ohio and taking the CCW class next month and wonder if you are aware of any shooting proficiency changes since you took the class.
    I’m by no means, an expert shot but can put about 3/4 of my shots in the face of a man target at 25 feet.
    Thanks John

  10. No changes – sounds like you’ll do more than fine!


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