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My Second Carbine Riffle – The S&W M&P 15-22


You may recall that in June I decided to jump into the AR-15 world with the purchase of my S&W M&P 15.  Since then, I’ve got the gun often, and I’ll be the first to admit, it’s addicting.  🙂

It didn’t take me long to want a 2nd rifle.  Not that I could rationalize or justify a 2nd AR-15 mind you.  I just wanted one.  As I considered this, I began to realize that while there wasn’t much logic in purchasing a 2nd AR-15, it did make sense to purchase an M&P 15-22 – a cosmetically and functionally identical twin of my current AR-15, but chambered in .22 caliber.  Why did this make sense?  .223 target ammunition costs about 30 cents a round.  But .22 caliber target ammo costs about three cents a around.  Shoot enough ammo, and that M&P 15-22 pays for itself!  🙂

By all accounts, they’re fun to shoot and will be easier for both my son and wife to use than my big-boy AR-15.  And because they’re functionally so similar, they’re a great tool for training.  See?  Logic.  😀

Here’s a photo of my new M&P 15-22 – I’ve installed an Aimpoint Pro on it, and I’ve got a vertical forward grip installed too:

Now I just need to get to the range.

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