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GrippIt! Smartphone GPS Kit


Remember the GrippItt! ??  It’s a great product for providing a tripod mounting solution to do photo and video work with your smartphone – you can click here to read my review of the product last year.  The producer of the GrippItt! has found a great new application for the device and created an extremely handy solution for mounting your smartphone in your vehicle in order to use it as a GPS navigation system.  It’s called the GrippIt! Smartphone GPS Kit:

Now, I happen to have a stock GPS Navigation system in my 2011 BMW 335i, but I still use my iPhone 4s for navigation on occasion (I love Navigon for iOS) – particularly when I travel and am renting a car.  And I can tell you from experience that the biggest pain to using smartphone GPS Navigation is having nowhere good/convenient to put your phone when using navigation assistance.  It’s a delicate balance between placing the phone somewhere that allows you to see the route and directions, and not wrecking in the process.  The GrippIt! Smartphone GPS Kit solves all of this by providing an easy to use mounting system which attaches via a secure suction cup to any glass surface inside your car.  Here’s a couple of photos of the GrippIt! Smartphone GPS Kit attached to the windshield of my car:

Using the ingenious design of the GrippIt! “head” the device can quickly and easily secures nearly any sized smartphone.  Removing the smartphone from its case is thankfully not necessary.  As you can see in the photos above, my iPhone 4s is inside its case.   The GrippIt! Smartphone GPS Kit also has several points of articulation which allows you the flexibility of placing your smartphone exactly in the position and angle you need to best see it while you drive.  Having used the GrippIt before, I was already confident that it would work well for this application, but we’ve all used cheap suction cup mounted devices that tend to fall off quickly.  Thankfully, the suction cup design used on the GrippIt! Smartphone GPS Kit is remarkably secure and my iPhone 4s didn’t budge during my testing.

If you’re looking for a smartphone mounting system to allow you to better use your smartphone’s GPS navigation software while you drive, look no further than the GrippIt! Smartphone GPS Kit from Digital Treasures.  Even if you only use it when you travel, it’s well worth the $14.95 price tag (click here to order).


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