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My New iPhone 4 Finally Is Here!


Yippee!!!  I finally got my iPhone 4 today – I’m about 2 weeks past the initial ship date of the first batch of iPhone 4 orders that shipped to those who were lucky enough to get their pre-order in when Apple first began taking orders.  I realized I’d be traveling the week the iPhone 4 pre-orders first shipped out last month, and by the time I got through to place an order which would ship after I returned, the order fulfillment date was pushed out to “some time between July 15th and July 19th.”  I was well pleased when I got a shipping notification that the phone left China on Monday July 5th, to arrive on Friday July 9th.  So now the phone is sitting charging up.  When I leave the office and go home, I’ll swap SIM cards and hook up to iTunes to activate the phone.  At this point, my only initial impression is….it’s heavier than the iPhone 3Gs…no doubt due to all the glass and metal present in the iPhone 4.

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