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My Thoughts on the iPad 2


It was pretty inevitable that I’d get an iPad.  Admittedly, at first I wondered what I’d use it for.  I have an iPhone.  I have a MacBook Pro.  Where would an iPad fit in my daily routine?  Oh I was fairly sure I’d use it for games…something I rarely use my iPhone to do.  And I could definitely see how nice it would be to have the larger screen to show my photo work to others.  The extra memory available (64GB) over the 32GB in my iPhone 4 would certainly be nice as well….I could fit several more movies on it, which would come in handy while traveling.  And the bigger, longer lasting battery life over the iPhone 4 would certainly be welcome.  But beyond that, what?  Would I tire of the novelty of it after a short while?  Or, like the invention of the microwave oven, would I wonder why I need it, then not long after wonder how I got by without one for so long?

The Portable Photo Album

Don’t underestimate the value of having this capability.  The GORGEOUS screen of the iPad2 makes a wonderful way to show people my photos – far superior to the iPhone in this regard.  It’s been a great ice breaker – whip out the iPad and show some photos of my dogs (who doesn’t love pet pics right?).  Suddenly the person your talking to is your best friend!  As a professional photographer, this is a fantastic capability.  I can show potential clients and customers examples of my work in a far more personable way that sending an email, or even with a laptop.

An Improved Surfing Experience

When I’m at home, and I’m not working at my desk, web surfing on the iPad 2 is so much better than on the iPhone.   This is a function of not only the bigger screen, but also the fact that Safari for the iPad 2 works less like a mobile web browser (like on the iPhone) and more like a desktop web browser.  The same goes for the iPad YouTube app – it works and feels much more true to the desktop experience, and less like a compromised mobile solution.  Now you might be saying, “why not just use your laptop?”  Ever lay in bed with a laptop?  Not fun.  How about move around the house?  The lighter, more mobile iPad 2 is much preferred in my experience when I’m just relaxing on the couch or in bed.

Games?  Yes Please!

OK, I do like to play video games (primarily Xbox 360) but I RARELY play games on my iPhone 4.  I’ve got to be really board and captive (think waiting room of a doctor’s office…) to use my iPhone to play games.  But the iPad 2?  I’ve already downloaded Real Racing2 HD and Infinity Blade, and have had a barrel of fun playing both.

What Else?

I can already see a boat load of possibilities I’m exploring in terms of gaining new or enhanced capabilities.  For instance, I’m experimenting with note taking apps using a stylus…something that would be handy here in the office.  Another example would be in the area of home theater – several companies have out or are coming out with a universal remote app/hardware combo for using the iPad as a super-cool universal remote for your home theater set up.  Adobe has just announced their Photoshop Touch app for the iPad coming out later this year, which looks to be a fantastic mobile photo editing tool.

I could go on and on, but the point it, it seems almost every day someone is coming up with a new and exciting way to use an iPad to make your life better.  So I feel like I’m getting in on the ground floor of an exciting device which is still very much in its infancy.


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