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Review of the GrippIt Smartphone Tripod Mount System


A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed a product designed to provide a tripod mounting solution for the iPhone 4 called the Glif.  In my review of the nifty little device, I lamented about its primary drawback – it’s form fitted to the dimensions of the iPhone 4 which means if you have a case on your iPhone 4, you first have to remove it in order to mount it to the Glif.  Not long after posting my review, I was contacted by a company called PC Treasures, Inc. which sells a very similar product to the Glif called the GrippIt.  PC Treasures, Inc. manufactures (among other things) several products which are useful to photographers/videographers.  These products are sold separately, as well as being packaged together in a “Camera Accessory Kit” which PC Treasures sent to me:

In addition to the GripIt, the kit comes with a flexible, portable tripod called the Treefrog, a nice, portable camera & lens cleaning kit, and copies of both Adobe Premier Elements 8 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 – Adobe’s consumer level solutions for video and photo editing.  It’s a nice package – my primary interest however was in the GripIt:

GrippIt is another tripod mount solution which will work with most any smartphone or other digital recording device which lacks a built in tripod mount.  Essentially it’s a padded, spring-loaded clamp – just place an object in the GrippIt and clamp it down so that the padded surfaces securely hold the object in place. Here’s a photo of the GrippIt mounted to the Treefrog flexible tripod:

The device’s design makes it extremely flexible to use with any number of photo and/or video recording devices, including an iPhone 4 with a case.  Here’s a photo of the GrippIt holding my iPhone 4, and mounted to the Treefrog tripod – note that it works just fine with my iPhone 4 being in a case:

If you’re looking for a tripod mounting solution to your mobile video/photo camera device, do check out the GrippIt.  It can be ordered separately for just $9.95, or as part of the Camera Accessory Kit for $49.95.  Many smarphones besides the iPhone 4 have really impressive video and photo capturing capabilities (Android, Nokia, Microsoft, Blackberry etc.), so this is a great option for everyone, not just iPhone users.

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  1. shonangreg says:

    Greeeennnnn . . .

    How about a black, a white, and clear version? I love green, but this would just look like an ugly kludge when used with most smartphones.

  2. I’m not crazy about the Green either, but at the end of the day, it’s just a tool. It’s not a fashion accessory. 🙂

  3. So…how did you like it compared to the Glif? Do you recommend one over the other?

  4. That’s really hard to say – depends on how you’ll use. Each offers advantages over the other.


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