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Review of the iPad 2 Tablet Accessory Kit


Thanks to the release of the new, third generation iPad, a lot of folks are going to iPad owners.  Not only is the new one selling like hot cakes, but the price has been lowered on the older iPad 2 bringing in a lot of new buyers, and still more new iPad users will “inherit” older iPads as hand-me-downs from their generous friends and relatives who’ve upgraded.  🙂

If you’re new to the iPad world, you may be wondering about accessories.  What’s necessary?  What’s nice to have?  The fine folks at Digital Treasures have a fantastic “one stop shop” package for iPad accessories called the iPad 2 Accessory Kit:

The kit comes with all the necessary accessories which a new iPad user would possibly need or want, at a very affordable price:

Here’s a quick run-down on the accessories in the kit:  The case which comes with the kit will fit any version of the iPad, which is a big plus.  I was also particularly impressed with the headphones which come with the kit – a better sound and tonal quality to my ear than the earbuds which Apple provides with the iPhone.  The included stylus will be great for anyone who wonders “why the heck do I need a stylus?”  Once you start using one with the right apps, you’ll wonder how you got by without one.  The iFlow charging device will be serve as a very handy travel charger for many of your electronic devices.  Last but not least we have the Screen Pristine cleaning pads – certainly not a necessity (eye glass cleaner and a rag will yield the same results) but certainly very handy, and rounds out the package nicely.

For the $59.99 asking price, the Tablet Accessory Kit for iPad 2 is a genuine bargain and makes a perfect gift for that iPad user on your shopping list, or the perfect companion to that new iPad you just ordered yourself.  🙂


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