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Review of the Props Pivot Case for the iPad 2


Let’s face it – the iPad case market is pretty crowded.  There’s many different choices, at a variety of price points – it’s very difficult to know good from bad.  With the release of the new 3rd generation iPad which I purchased, I had planned to give me wife my iPad 2, and began looking around for a case to buy for her to use with it, and dove into the crowded iPad case market.  That’s when I learned about the Props Pivot Case for the iPad2 from Digital Treasures.

My first requirement for an iPad case is that it should adequately protect the iPad.  The Props Pivot is a very sturdy, well made, and well padded case that should protect the iPad 2 it holds extremely well.  The iPad 2 snaps in tightly and is held in place very securely.  I didn’t do any “stress tests” but I’m satisfied that the Props Pivot case would well protect my wife’s iPad 2 from the sort of drops and other damaging mishaps which are common with a mobile device.

My second requirement for an iPad case is that it should enhance the usability of the iPad – the Props Pivot case performs admirably in this regard as well.  The case can be folded out to function as a stand (or “prop”) for the iPad 2 which is incredibly useful and has innumerable applications.  As the name suggests, the section which holds the iPad 2 in place “pivots” to allow the case to function as a stand for the iPad 2 either horizontally or vertically.

Watching movies/videos, doing Facetime or other video chats, or simply surfing…all of these tasks and many others are performed much more easily when you have a proper stand.

The final requirement I have for an iPad case is that it should look good.  Yes, in my book functional considerations do override style and form, but thankfully the Props Pivot case does not ignore aesthetic considerations.  The Props Pivot comes with an attractive faux alligator hide surface and is available in some fantastic colors.  Digital Treasure thankfully acknowledges the fact that as many women buy and enjoy the iPad as do men and have made color options that many women really will appreciate.  My wife has taken her Props Pivot Case into her office environment (which happens to be female dominated) and her co-workers absolutely loved how the Props Pivot looked – she not only received several compliments, but also requests for ordering information.  Here’s a photo of the Props Pivot holding my wife’s iPad 2 – note that the slick center cut out shows the Apple logo, and note too that the case has all the necessary cut outs for accessing the iPad 2’s hard button controls, camera, ports, and even the speaker:

The Props Pivot Case for the iPad 2 to is competitively priced priced at just $24.95 – it’s one of the best iPad 2 cases I’ve ever used.  If you want to protect your iPad 2 investment and look good while doing so, give this one a try!

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  1. Mitchell Hamm says:

    Interesting case! I am in the throes of buying a new case for my iPad 3. Will that Props fit your new one?

    I ended up ordering an Incase Book Jacket Select on a friend’s recommendation. I have the Apple Smart Cover in black leather, but I’m not a fan.

  2. I wouldn’t try to put the 3rd gen iPad in one of these cases…it snaps in pretty tightly. I use a Marware leather case which could accommodate either iPad…but the Mrs. sure does like the Props Pivot. 🙂

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