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The Props Stand From Digital Treasures


Fans of ThruMyLens know that I love my iOS devices, and use both an iPhone and an iPad.  Well, the folks at Digital Treasures have asked me to do a series of reviews on some of their latest accessories for the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.  If you’re not familiar with Digital Treasures, they’re the folks who produce the previously reviewed photography accessory the TreeFrog and GripItt.  The first accessory we’ll be taking a look at is the Props Stand:

Every day, applications for smartphones like the iPhone 4s come out which give their owners reasons why they want to do something other than just hold the phone up to their ear.  Watching movies on Netflix or YouTube videos, doing video calls/conferences with applications like Facetime or Skype…even using more pedestrian applications like reading email or checking the weather hands-free is a real plus!  That’s where the Props stand comes in.

The Props stand is very well constructed to be a stable stand for your device, and the flexible legs mean you can configure it in a variety of ways to accommodate uneven surfaces.  The Props Stand also seems to work just fine with smartphones in their cases, which is important since most owners of expensive smartphones protect that investment with a case.  Here’s a couple of photos of the Props Stand supporting my iPhone 4s (in a protective case) in both a vertical and horizontal position:

The device is also sturdy enough to support other non-phone devices – here’s a photo which shows the Props Stand supporting an iPad:

Stock Photo From Digital Treasures

The Props Stand can be purchased for just $7.95 from Digital Treasures.  For less than 10 bucks, you can’t beat the utility that this handy accessory provides.

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