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60D News and 2 New Lenses Rumored


According to Canon Rumors, We’ll see an official announcement next week on Thursday, August 26th on the new Canon 60D.  Also rumored to be soon announced will be a couple of new prime L series zoom lenses – both a new 300L and a 400L.  Expect to see upgraded IS (image stabilization) element coatings, and a fairly substantial weight reduction on these lenses.  In terms of the 60D, the killer feature on this camera at this point seems to be….a tilt screen.  It will have an 18mp sensor (same as the 7D and T2i).  Might be a tad smaller than the 50D, but about two or three hundred bucks more than the T2i.  Based on what I’m hearing pre-official announcement, I’m not at all excited about the 60D.  But hopefully Canon will surprise us on the 26th.  But then again, I typically upgrade my bodies with every other product cycle (20D, 40D, and 7D).  I’m more excited about potential weight reductions in those big white primes (I ain’t getting any younger folks…).

Canon Rumors also mentions that a patent application filed by Canon has been uncovered which seems to point to Canon developing a radio triggered flash system (as opposed to their current TTL system).  As much as I agree such a system would be superior, I DON’T look forward to replacing my current 580EX and 430EXII….

I’ll report more as I find out!

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