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CANCELLED: The Canon 50D and XSi


According to, Canon has discontinued both the prosumer DSLR Canon 50D, and the consumer DSLR XSi.  Both bodies are said to be on “final sell-off” and no longer available from Canon.

It’s no surprise that the XSi is axed, as there are already replacement bodies in the Canon catalog (the T1i and the T2i).  The 50D isn’t necessarily a surprise either. But it does raise a question:  Is the Canon 7D the “replacement camera” for the 50D in their catalog, or is there a soon-to-be-announced 60D waiting in the wings?  Canon gossip is that there will be no 60D – which if true would mean the xxD line of cameras is dead.  Personally, I don’t think anyone needs three levels of crop sensor camera bodies (consumer level Txx, and prosumer level xxD and xD).  But will know more about what Canon has planed in the comings weeks.  Stay tuned!

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