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So I Decided to Start a Blog….

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Welcome to my first post on I thought it would be fitting for me to discuss exactly why I’m starting a blog, and what this site will be all about.

One would think with four other websites in my portfolio, I’d have plenty of digital space to stretch my legs and express myself. I own and administer WATCH TALK FORUMS as well as THE ROLEX REFERENCE PAGE and the SEAMASTER REFERENCE PAGE – so what the heck do I need a blog for??   Well, most of my websites (with the exception of JBH ENTERPRISES) are fairly narrowly focused on luxury wrist watches. And well…I do have other interests besides watches. That’s why I’m starting this blog.

Some may see it is somewhat hypocritical of me to start a blog as I’ve been VERY critical of bloggers in the past – mostly because it’s a common practice among bloggers to take content without permission from other web sites, and publish it on their own…copyright infringement. Yes, I do frown on copyright infringement, and you’ll be seeing none of that here. However, I do see value to concept of blogging, and to the publishing tools available to authors. Can’t we call it something else though? “Blog” is such an ugly word….but I digress.

As you might have guessed, the name ThruMyLens is a bit of a double entrendre – this blog will primarily deal with subjects related to photography as I’m quite passionate about photography. So you’ll see plenty of topics here relating to photographs, taking photos, Photoshop, and photographic equipment.  I also hope to shortly have a gallery of my photographs which I’ll make available for purchase too, as I get more than a few requests from folks interested in purchasing my photos.   But ThruMyLens also is about my perspective on a number of other topics – you my readers will be looking through my lens about things like Golf, Home Theater, Travel, Politics, Investing, Religion, Automobiles…all with a photography related spin of course.  Oh, and do expect to see watch related content now and again.

This whole blogging thing is a bit new to me – an experiment if you will. So I’m sure things will evolve and change over time. But I will endeavor to make an entertaining and valued resource for you, just as WATCH TALK FORUMS is home to more than 14,000 luxury watch enthusiasts around the world (and growing every day!).

Thanks for reading – I look forward to making new friends though my new blog!


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  1. Best of luck John!
    I have had the pleasure of enjoying your photography on Watch Talk Forums for several years now – you have been an inspiration to my own fledgling efforts.
    If you bring half as much passion and focus (no pun intended…) to this blog as you have to your websites, you should have great success.

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