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Canon Demonstrates The Camera of the Future


Canon rolled out their vision of the future, being described as “20 years down the road” with their Wonder Camera concept at the Expo 2010 in China.

What’s particularly interesting (disturbing?) about the camera is that it uses a single integrated lens which has the ability to capture perfectly focused and exposed images (both moving and still) in a focal length equivalent to approximately something like 5 to 500mm.   Many commentators point to this level of tech spelling the end of DSLR systems which we have today.  Here’s a video on the geewiz concept camera:

What’s interesting to me that most people are buying into the notion that it will take 20 or even 10 years to develop the Wonder Camera technology.  Most of the technology showcased is in fact available today.  The real issue is the business model to support a single camera with no interchangeable lenses.  Think about it:  If you have a single lens camera which can take perfect photos at virtually any focal length, there isn’t much incentive to buy accessories or even upgrade the camera very often.  If you’re the first company to the market with such a device, then sure…you’ll sell a bunch the first year or two.  But then after that, what?  The only business model I can conceive where this would begin to work is if this type of camera were not available for outright purchase, but only could be leased.  Otherwise, it could spell the end of the camera industry altogether.

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