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A Video Review of my Shun Ken Onion Designed Steak Knives


Right before Christmas, I decided I was not happy with our current kitchen cutlery.  My wife and I bought a reasonably nice Cuisinart block set of kitchen knives when we got married five years ago.  To be honest, they’ve not held up well.  They went very dull very quickly.  Of course, we’ve not done ourselves any favors with these knives (they’ve made it into the dishwasher) but I still think they’re not a great product.  I’ve tried in vain to sharpen them – it’s like trying to sharpen a baseball bat.

So I began researching brands to replace them and ran across Shun knives from Kai corporation.  If you’ve been reading my EDC/tactical blade reviews, you know I’m a big fan of high-quality blade steel, and Shun knives are made in the Japanese center of knife and sword universe – Seki City (many Spyderco blades are made in Seiki City).  After reviewing their catalog, I fell in love with the Ken Onion series, designed by the famous knife designer Ken Onion, and forged from VG-10 steel!!

Here’s the video review I did of these outstanding knives:

This video was recorded in 1080p HD video – be sure to select the 1080HD option, and view in full screen mode.

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