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Gerber Suspension vs. Gerber Multi-Plier 600



It’s hard to compare multi-tools – so many vary based on their intended function or use that it’s difficult to compare any two and declare one as better than the other.  So with that in mind, I wanted to do a comparison between two different multi-tools produced by Gerber – The Gerber Multi-Plier 600 and the Gerber Suspension.

Looking at the photo above, the Multi-Plier 600 looks considerably larger than the Suspension.  However, when both are deployed, they are pretty close in both size and weight:


Functionally, the Multi-Plier 600 offers some advantages over the Suspension.  It has replaceable tungsten carbide blades for wire cutting, as well as two additional tools the Suspension does not have (14 in the MP 600 vs. 12 in the Suspension).  Here are some photos of the tools each offers:





Very similar offerings in most respects – the Suspension lacks the file and the ruler offered on the MP 600.  The Suspension does however have scissors as part its tool set, which the MP600 does not.  Not being a tradesman (or actually all that handy around the house actually…) the file and ruler are no big loss for me and my day to day uses.  So the Suspension tends to be a better “every day carry” (EDC) multi-tool for me.  However, I also keep a multi-tool in my range bag, and having a ruler is more important because at the range I take measurement of my groups with some regularity.  Thus, the MP 600 would be preferred to the Suspension for taking with me to the range.

First impressions of each tool might well lead many to believe that the Suspension is the higher quality tool.  The MP 600 has a rather “rickety” feel that comes more from the one handed opening design than from quality of workmanship or materials.  In fact, given the all stainless steel construction of the MP 600 vs. the aluminum handles of the Suspension, the MP 600 might well be the more robust tool – I have neither the capability nor the budget to do any sort of failure testing on either tool.  But one can speculate that, based on the materials if not the considerable price differential, that the MP 600 will hold up to more hard use.

I think both the Multi-Plier 600 and the Suspension are valuable tools, and each could potentially have a home with the same buyer.  The Multi-Plier 600 brings with it a tool set which lends itself to doing more “jobs” while the Suspension might be more appropriate for smaller scale “tasks.”  The Multi-Plier 600 also has the advantage of its replaceable tungsten carbide blades which are inset into the bottom of the pliers.  Of course this comes at a cost – the Gerber Multi-Plier 600 is roughly twice the cost of the Geber Suspenstion:


It’s easy for me to recommend the Gerber Suspension because I think it’s one of the best values to be had in the entire multi-tool segment.  Don’t take my word for it – it’s the #1 Best Selling Multi-Tool on Amazon:


With its tool set entirely accessible via the exterior handles, it’s very convenient to use.  When you do need the pliers/wire cutters, the ergonomics of the Suspension make using it a pleasurable, pain free experience.  The construction of the tool isn’t quite as robust as others (I’ve seen reports of the suspension failing under hard use), but it’s a joy to use.

For my taste and purposes, as well as the difference in cost, I prefer the Gerber Suspension.

In addition to this written photo review, I’ve recorded a video comparing the Multi-Plier 600 to the Suspension:

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