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Review of the Spyderco Sage 3


Last week, I published my review of the Spyderco Sage 2 – a titanium handled, integral frame lock knife made to celebrate the achievements of knife maker Chris Reeve.  As I mentioned in that review, I was so impressed with the Sage 2, I looked into other models in the Sage line, and discovered the Spyderco Sage 3:

On paper, the Sage 3 looked like an extremely attractive knife from several different perspectives.  Back in my review of the sprint run Spyderco Manix 2 CTS-BD30P, I lamented on missing out on the earlier Manix 2 sprint run (spring runs are limited editions) with blue G10 handles and S30v blade steel.  As it turns out, the Sage 3 is nearly the same knife, also done with blue G10 handles and like the Sage 2, also has a leaf shaped blade made from S30v blade steel in a gorgeous brushed finish:

In size and weight, the Sage 3 is nearly identical to the Sage 2  measuring 7.25” in total length, with a blade length of 3” and weighs 3.5 oz.  Where the Sage 3 differs from the Sage 2 is handle material used and the locking mechanism, which in the case of the Sage 3 is a tribute to the Blackie Collins invented Bolt Action Lock.  Unfortunately, Blackie Collins died in a motorcycle accident just last month.

Functionally, the Bolt Action Lock on the Sage 3 seems nearly identical to the Benchmade AXIS® lock, SOG, Arc-Lock™, or even the Spyderco Ball Bearing Lock.  If you used any of the others, you’ll be right at home with the Sage 3.  The knife black can be quickly and easily deployed via the thumb using the “Spydie hole” or by pulling down on the Bolt Action Lock and “whipping out” the blade.

Turning to the rear of the knife, we see the Sage 3 uses the same excellent wire pocket clip found on the Sage 2 – it’s a deep carrying pocket clip with just the right amount of tension.

As I stated in my review of the Sage 2, I really like the size and form factor which is also present on this Sage 3.  This knife is small and light enough to carry every day and be completely unobtrusive but large enough to handle most cutting tasks called upon it, up to and including tactical self-defense if pressed.  Where the Sage 3 has an advantage over the Sage 2 for EDC uses in my opinion, is that the G10 handles on the Sage 3 will be more wear resistant that the titanium handles on the Sage 2, which tend to readily show scratches.   The attractive blue G10 handles have a slightly less agressive texturing than the G10 handles on my Spyderco Manix 2 CTS-BD30P:

As a supplement to my written photo review, I also recorded a short video review of the Spyderco Sage 3:


The retail price of the Spyderco Sage 3 is $199.00, but is available for a considerable discount off the retail price as of this writing.  The best price I found on the Spyderco Sage 3 was on

Click here to see the current price of the Sage 2 on

Spyderco Sage3 Blue G-10 PlainEdge Knife

Spyerco fans have been singing the praises of the Sage line for quite some time – and I have to agree, they’re great knives.   As some icing on the cake, Spyderco donates 5% of the proceeds from each Sage sale to the National Alzheimer’s Association, which I think is a great gesture on their part.   Do check out the Sage line from Spyderco – while their not limited edition knives per se, Spyderco does have a habit of discontinuing knives, so be sure and pick up a Sage at a discount off retail while you still can.

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