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Location Photo Shoot – The Hound Playground


This past Sunday I did a “location” shoot at The Hound Playground in Vandalia, Ohio:


Our Rottweiler breeder, Christy Hutchinson of Krafthaus Rottweilers met us there with her daughter and some of her dogs for the photo shoot.  I’m planning on working with The Hound Playground to promote a special “Groom and Photo” event in the coming weeks – bring your dog in for grooming, and while they’re looking their best, get photos taken.  It was important for me to do a “dry run” at their facility to work out any “kinks” before we scheduled the event.  I also needed to get some photos for my portfolio, and I wanted to provide Christy with some top quality photos that she can use in her business – many birds killed with one stone.  🙂

In short, the shoot went very well.  We ran into some traffic problems getting there, so we were late – but we got in a solid three hours before wrapping up. I’ve recently purchased a LOT of new equipment and this was a fantastic opportunity to really optimize its use “in the field.”  My wife Karen has started helping me on shoots so this was also a great opportunity for us to get a feel for how best we can work together during a shoot – she was a great help.

Here’s a few examples of the photos I took:









I wasn’t particularly happy with how this last photo turned out (above), and decided to work a little Photoshop wizardry and add Christy’s daughter into the photo to fill the “hole.” using the previous to last photo above:


I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to prepare for and promote the Groom and Photo event next month next month!  Once the date is set, it will be announced both here and on Facebook.

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