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Model Photo Shoot


As a photographer, sometimes you want to “stretch your legs” and get some practice in photography you don’t typically do.  And the area of photography I seem to do least professionally is the area which most professional photographers do the most work in – shooting people.

This summer I’ve been watching a few episodes of DOUBLE EXPOSURE on the Bravo Channel – a show about two very successful and famous fashion photographers named Markus and Indrani.  If you’re a photographer, it’s a fun “reality” TV show, and gives a lot of insight into the craft of these amazing photographers.  It inspired me to grab one of the guys I know from the gym where I work out, and head out to Cox Arboretum for a photo shoot.

The experience was really great for me and quite enjoyable as a change of pace.  I used my Canon 5D Mark II, 580EX flash gun, and my EF-24-105L along with my 100mm macro prime (great portrait lens).  Post processing was done in Photoshop CS5, with some added effects from OnOne’s Plug-In Suite 5Remember to click on the photos for a larger view.

Very little post-photo processing was done on this photo so as to preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings.

I decided to do this shot in b&w – does the pose work for you?

In these shots, I was going for more of a “senior portrait” look.

With this shot, I was going for more of that artsy, “fashion magazine” look.

This photo was done with more of a “glamor” style:

Another more natural photo:

Please do let me know what you think of these shots.

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  1. I loved the 2nd, 4th and 5th the most!!

  2. John, I love the shot with the model in the forefront, yet the back ground was rather hazy. That is awesome. This is the kind of shot that I would love to do. I can “sort of” get it with my program, but I think I need Photoshop to do this correctly. They all look AWESOME! I was able to grab some great ideas from this, thanks!

  3. Renee – thanks a bunch! That “effect” you like is called “bokeh” – you need to be able to control the f-stop on a camera (aperture) to be able to get it.

  4. #6 is, by far, the best, although it could benefit from some brightening on the right side of his face.

    #1, #2, and #6 look like snapshots. They’re fine, but uninspiring.

    The “artsy” one is good, although I would crop it closer to the top if his head. There’s a lot of free space up there.

    The “senior portraits” would probably benefit more from the use of reflectors than flash (depending on available light). Also, in each of those, it looks like the half of the tree closest to his head is wildly out of focus. Looking at the larger version, though, I can see that it’s actually another tree, further back. The distraction, so close to your subject, though, is certainly there.

  5. Tom Barry says:

    The head-and-shoulders one with the sun in the defocused background is my favorite. I used to do some portrait work and found I usually got the best results with the simplest setups that made sure the subject was – the subject! Very well done, sir.

  6. Steve – that’s helpful feedback. Thanks!

  7. I just wanted to tell you your pictures are very beautiful and natural God Bless


  1. I finally did a photo shoot with a real, live person>>>>>> - [...] and "glamor" type shots. Check out the photos I got from this outdoor shoot on Sunday: Model Photo…

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