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Groom & Photo Event Scheduled For April 13th!


shoot announce   ThruMyLens Photography & More will be on site at The Hound Playground in Vandalia, Ohio on April 13th, 2014 for our first “Groom & Photo” event!  We will be offering specially discounted photo packages:

  • ADDRESS:  642 W. National Rd. Vandalia, OH 45377
  • TIME:  12pm to 4pm (you must schedule an appointment with John Holbrook for your photo shoot)
  • COST:  $50.00 for three photos with the purchase of a dog grooming

In preparation for the event, here’s a few important details to remember: *Your dog does not have to be groomed the day off the photo shoot.  Feel free to schedule a grooming any time the week before, or pre-pay for a grooming that can take place after the event. *If you do want your dog groomed the day of the event, plan on scheduling one appointment with The Hound Playground for your grooming, and a separate appointment for your photo shoot with John Holbrook.  We’ll need to make sure we allow time for the grooming to take place and time for your dog to dry before your photo appointment. *Each photo session will last 15-20 minutes.  If your dog has some basic obedience training, (sit, stay, etc.)  it will be helpful but not necessary.  Your dog can be photographed being held by the owner if necessary, or on leash (the collar and leash can be digitally removed from the final photo at the owners request). *Bring treats and a favorite toy (squeaky toys work well!) to help us motivate/lure your dog to look where we want them to look for each photo. *Accidents can and will happen – please bring the necessary supplies to clean up after your dog.  🙂 *Give some thought as to the type of poses you’d like to have photographed, and whether or not you or other family members want to be int he photo – here are the options:

  1. Pet only full body Sitting
  2. Pet only full body standing
  3. Pet only full body lying down
  4. Pet only close up (top half body)
  5. Pet only close up (head/face only )
  6. Owner & pet full body seated
  7. Owner & pet full body standing
  8. Owner & pet close up (top half body)
  9. Owner & pet close up (head/face only)

Again, the poses we end up with may ultimately depend on how cooperative your dog is on the day of the photo shoot.  🙂 After the photo shoot, you will be emailed low-resolution proofs of all the various posses and given the opportunity to pick three (3) photos as part of the $50.00 package.  If you see additional poses you’d like to add to the package, the charge will be $15.00 for each additional photograph selected. We’ll have a limited number of slots available so please call or email to reserve your appointment today! or (937) 554-7139


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