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Photos of Our Dogs


I suppose it’s high time to start showing some photos here on ThruMyLens!  Last night I got out in the back yard with our three dogs Hans, Lady (pure bred litter mate Labradors) and Caesar (pure bred Rottweiler).  I shot all of these with my Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM in shutter priority (Tv) mode.  You can see larger versions of any of these photos by clicking on them.

Here’s our two boys – Caesar and Hans:

We’ve had Caesar for about a year now – my wife keeps him on a strict all-protein diet so he stays lean and muscular:

One of Caesar’s favorite things to do is chase after balls we throw in the back yard:

Caesar also loves to play with our feisty female lab, Lady!

You would think this little 75 lb. female Lab would quickly back down from this vicious 100 lb. Rottweiler…..but you’d be wrong:

Lady is the “alpha dog” in our pack.  They sometimes look like they’re fighting, but it’s just play….they love each other:

Lady and Hans (“the twins”) can play even rougher!  One of their favorite things to do is run flat-out in the back yard, and try to trip or tackle each other!  Here’s a shot of Hans tearing after Lady:

He’s starting to catch up!

Here’s the big hit – notice the feet off the ground….that’s gotta hurt!

My wife has Hans and Lady on a pretty special all-protein diet too…these dogs are all muscle!

This time Hans knocked Lady on her can…often it goes the other way though.  🙂

All that work can make for some tired puppies….

I sure do enjoy taking photos of our furry “kids” – I hope you like seeing them, because I will likely have plenty more!


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  1. John,
    Wonderful Dogs!! This is a WONDERFUL SITE. Thank you for creating it and WTF. I am a beginner when it comes to photography, but I really enjoy taking pics of watches and our four legged girls. You truly capture each of your dogs personality in the pics, just like you capture the essence of each watch you snap.
    It is so helpful to have someone like yourself who shares so much and teaches so many. Thanks again.
    Greg Sanders

  2. Thanks Greg for the kind words!! Much appreciated!

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