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Photos of the Spyderco Kopa Pacific Blue


I’ve been a Spyderco fan for a number of years  (I’ve had a Dragonfly with stainless steel handles for about 5 years now).  Recently I became aware of a limited edition Spyderco model called the Kopa.  I believe the Kopa line is discontinued now, but for several years Spyderco released several limited edition (only 600 of each one produced)  handle variations of the Kopa.

There are some truly unique and stunning Kopa variations out there, but I’m particularly impressed with some of the aftermarket customization I’ve seen done on the Kopa by both individuals and companies like Santa Fe Stoneworks.  I’ve always wanted a nice mother of pearl handled knife, so I concocted a plan to order a Kopa and have it customized.  I found an exceptional bargin on eBay for a Pacific Blue Bone Kopa, and placed an order.

My plan was going swimmingly well…that is until the Pacific Blue Bone Kopa arrived.  I was told by a member on Spyderco’s forum that the Pacific Blue Bone Kopa would grow on me.  It was more like love at first sight.  I was somewhat shocked at how poorly photos I had seen online of the Pacific Blue Kopa actually represented the knife, so I took some of my own photos (just click on them to see a larger view):

Here’s a shot along with the certificate showing it’s limited edition status:

This knife is so much more attractive than any photos I’ve seen of it online.  I really like the size of it too – just slightly larger and thicker than my brushed stainless handle Dragonfly:

Having been several times to various California coast cities, I find the “Pacific Blue” moniker quite fitting as it reminds me of the gorgeous California Pacific Ocean. I’d love to know the process used to create the blue hues in the bone handles.

So now I’m back to “square one” on getting a knife with mother of pearl handles – the Pacific Blue Bone is a keeper.

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  1. Dr. Snubnose says:

    Your beautiful pictures finally do this model Kopa Justice…Enjoy!…Doc:)

  2. Whoah….that’s certainly a beautiful knife from the boys at Golden.


  3. Thanks much guys!

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