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QUICK REVIEW: The Black Rapid Camera Strap


The Black Rapid RS-4

If you’ve ever carried a DSLR around all day long at either an event, or simply a sight seeing, you know just how physically taxing it can be.  If you don’t keep the camera around your neck or over your shoulder, then you aren’t prepared to take advantage of photographic opportunities when they pop up.  But the weight of a DSLR coupled with a lens (and any other equipment you’re dragging around) will wear you down.  not to mention how cumbersome it is to have the camera sitting there right in front of you – it just gets in the way of enjoying life when you’re not trying to capture it photographically.

I was completely unfamiliar with Black Rapid and their camera straps until my friend John Rigano showed them to me at B&H Photo during our recent visit to New York City and we got the opportunity to try one out.  I have to tell you, I probably never would have spent $50.00 + on a camera strap, but after a day of walking around New York using the Black Rapid RS-4, I can tell you it was worth every penny.

If you watch the videos on Black Rapid’s website, you’ll think the primary advantage of their straps is speed.  I’m really not sure how much quicker I’d be with a Black Rapid strap vs. a traditional neck strap in getting a photo, and truthfully, I don’t care. The real advantage for me is comfort.  With the strap hanging cross -ways around your body, and weight of the camera behind me on my hip, it’s like the weight of the world has been lifted.  It’s that much more comfortable for me to use.  Which means I don’t get tired of carrying my camera around, and subsequently put it back in my camera bag.  Not surprisingly, the number of photos I take goes up exponentially when my camera isn’t in the camera bag.

I walked around New York the rest of our trip and was never once fatigued by carrying my camera around.  This strap is a blessing from God above!  Of course, the camera is easily and quickly accessible when you need it, which is also a huge plus.  So unless you never leave a studio environment, this strap will be one of your best camera accessory purchases ever – trust me.


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  1. Agreed! The strap is wonderful. I just wish I’d have thought of it first. I’ve always carried the camera strapped to my wrist and this is going to help out a lot. And aside from the comfort of carrying it, it also allows you to be hands free to do other things.

  2. Great review. Added to my fathers day pick-up list, along with a Lange umbrella! 😉

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