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Review of the Glif for the iPhone 4


At the end of November, I found out about the Glif on my favorite iPhone blog ( and immediately placed my pre-order.  Don’t know what the Glif is you say?  Shame on you – I posted an article about it on November 30.  My Glif arrived in the mail yesterday, so I thought I’d post my thoughts about it in a review.  Here’s some photos of the Glif:

The Glif is a simple iPhone 4 accessory which provides a great deal of unique functionality.  As you can see above, it’s primary function is to provide a way to mount an iPhone 4 to a tripod.  The iPhone takes very impressive photos, and arguably even better video so for many the capability to mount an iPhone 4 to a tripod is much needed.  Simply slide the Glif onto the iPhone – it’s constructed from smooth rubber and won’t scratch or damage your iPhone 4:

Here’s a photo of my iPhone 4 mounted horizontally to a small, flexible tripod:

It’s also possible to mount the iPhone 4 to the Glif in the vertical position:

In both positions, but Glif functions perfectly as advertised, and is the perfect solution for tripod mounting an iPhone 4.  The Glif also provides a very useful secondary function – the capability of tilt mounting the iPhone 4:

My primary interest in the Glif was as a photographer/videographer.  But the ability of the Glif to act as a stand for the iPhone 4 is a really handy feature which will be of even more interest to many than the ability to tripod mount the iPhone 4.  It’s great for watching movies and videos “hands free” and I think anyone who has a bluetooth keyboard would love it as well when typing emails and documents.  I think this would also be handy for using the iPhone 4’s video chat capabilities as well.

My only problem with the Glif is that it’s form-fitted to the iPhone 4 and offers no options for using the Glif with an iPhone 4 that’s in a case.  I have a very thin, clear plastic case on my iPhone 4 (one of the thinnest I’ve ever seen) which basically just keeps the glass back from getting scratched up, and could not fit my iPhone 4 in the Glif with the case on.  That means anytime I want to use the Glif with my iPhone 4, I first must remove the case – and that’s inconvenient.  The great thing about using the iPhone for pictures and videos is the convenience factor.  Your iPhone 4 is always near by.  The Glif would be so much better if it were somehow adjustable so I didn’t have stop and take the case off my iPhone 4.  If I were the makers of Glif, I’d even think about making a special case which works in conjunction with the Glif.  The inability to use the Glif with a case is a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things, and something I’m sure they’ll overcome with the next version of the product.

The Glif is available for $20.00 and can be ordered on the Studio Neat home page.

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  1. The fact that you have to take the phone out of its case to use the Glif is definitely the product’s chief drawback. And, it only works with the iphone 4. I work for a company called PC Treasures that makes a product called the GrippIt, which works with any phone and allows you to leave it in its case. Also, it’s ten dollars cheaper. Check it out at

  2. Thanks for the information Brad – I’ll have to check out the GrippIt!

  3. Paul Banbury says:

    Thanks for the review, you raised the issue I too am concerned about, no use with a case. That said, I really want to see what the iPhone camera can do when mounted. Have you any photos using it to post?

  4. Sorry – no photos or videos of it in use yet.

  5. David Boyle says:

    I have a Bookback from Dodocase on my iPhone4 to protect the back, and it still slides nicely into the Glif, which I love!


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