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Self Portrait


Playing with expensive toys (watches, cameras, guns, cars…) isn’t the only thing I do for a living.  I also work for a defense contractor to the United States Air Force.  Occasionally, my “day job” and my “every other time job” intersect, and yesterday was one of those times.  We’re currently working on a large proposal to the USAF on a contract we intend to prime, and portraits of our Management Team were needed.  As you might imagine, I was drafted for portrait duty.  🙂

I had fun with it – I rarely get the opportunity to do portrait work.  Here’s an example of what was shot – my own portrait which is going in the proposal:

Nothing fancy – just used my 5D Mark II, 17-40L and my Speedlite 580EX on camera – no tripod.  After I took the portraits of the other gents on the team, I set up my camera and handed it to one of the guys and said “look through here, and push here” and he took my picture.  What do you think?

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