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My Palm Springs Vacation: The Condo


Last week was my son’s Spring Break and per our usual tradition, we went someplace warm for some golf and fun.  This year, I rented a condo for us in Palm Spring, California.  It was a bit of a different experience for us as we normally stay in hotels when we travel, or with family when we go to Florida.  Renting a condo was like the best of both worlds – more room than staying in a hotel, but not having the awkward feeling that can sometimes come with staying in someone else’s home.

The condo was so nice I decided to get some photos – which gave me a good opportunity to practice my architectural and real estate photo skills.  Just click on the photos to get a larger version.

The living room:


This is the dining room, but since there’s a kitchen table off the kitchen, this area simply has a computer desk:

Master bedroom:

Master bath:

2nd & 3rd bedrooms:

The patio area at sunrise:

The view from the patio at sunset:

I also recorded some video footage inside the condo:

I hope you enjoyed the photos and the video!  Do let me know your thoughts.


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