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One Year Anniversary Trip To Las Vegas!


Our One Year Anniversary Trip To Las Vegas

January 16th, 2007


Well, I’m back from Las Vegas, and Karen and I had a delightful time (though the trip back was a challenge). I thought I’d post a few pictures, as I was able to get some really spectacular shots, both day and night.

While the official reason for the travel was an article assignment at the new Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, unofficially, Karen and I were celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary (the 28th being the exact day in January). Here’s a couple of shots of the Wynn – it opened in April of 2005 so as of this writing, it’s the newest and most luxurious of the Las Vegas strip mega resorts:

Our room at the Wynn was quite nice…59th floor (out of 60) and the view was spectacular:

We got in late Thurs. night, so I got us room service the next morning for breakfast so we could enjoy the view while we ate:

The view at night was particularly nice:

Here’s a close up of the Rio (where I stayed in 2003) with Palms hotel next door…they’ve built a new tower at the Palms called the Playboy tower…

Here’s a daytime zoom shot of some of the mountains we also had a view of from the room:

Here’s a shot where you can see the “Lake of Dreams” – at night they do a laser light show which we saw while we ate at the “SW” Steak House (SW=Steve Wynn).:

Here’s a shot of the atrium we saw as you enter the buffet area:

The Wynn has an 18 hole, world-class golf course on the property…wish it had been warmer to actually play!

In this shot you can see that not all of the morning frost has melted away:

The shopping experience was amazing! They have a full-service Ferrari-Maserati dealership at the Wynn as well – we had much fun touring the facility:

They have a nice selection of new cars on the main level:

A service center on the lower level:

…and also a fairly good selection of pre-owned luxury vehicles, don’t you think?

Of course, the main reason for the trip (again officially) was to tour the watch shopping. First a visit to Wynn & Company to view their selection of watches:

They had a FANTASTIC selection of top-shelf watch manufacturers, like Patek, Lang, JLC, Harry Winston…you name it. They also are one of the FEW retailers of Jean Dunand watches in the world….they actually had three examples on site, which was amazing….these watches START at around $300,000.00.

After doing my photo shoot at Wynn & Company, I headed over for a shoot at the Wynn’s Rolex boutique. The Wynn has one of the world’s only (just 2 others world wide) free standing, Rolex-only retail stores. It was amazing!

Their selection was unequaled from any other Rolex counter I’ve visited….I got to try on some amazing examples that I’d never seen “in person” before…

After the “work” was finished, Karen and I spent the next couple of days just touring Las Vegas….I got to take her to some of my favorite hotels like Caesars’ Palace:

…and The Bellagio….

While at Caesars’, we visited the world famous Forum Shops:

They recently expanded the Forum Shops, and they now have some car shopping available too:

We did the buffet dinner at the Bellagio, which I can attest to it being the absolute best buffet in town. Afterward, we listened to a nice band play in the Fountaine Cafe, then went out to the patio to watch the famous Bellagio fountain show:

We went to the Venetian and spent quite a bit of time there…it’s so beautiful:

They offer real gondola rides (just like in Venice), but since it was so cold, we opted to do the one that was inside….others were braver than us and did it outside:

We visited the MGM Grand too, which I have a soft spot for, since my parents stayed at the original MGM Grand in the 70’s, and my father and I stayed at the remolded one in 1999 – I got a tourist to take a photo of us…which isn’t the best photo ever….

We also visited the Stratosphere hotel and went to the observation deck – 110 floors up! It offered a great view of the Strip!

In this shot, you can see the golf course at The Wynn:

More mountains…..

…and the happy couple…

Well, thanks for looking at all the photos….as you can see we had a wonderful trip to celebrate our 1 yr. anniversary.

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